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New wine maker

I just order a pilot grigio kit. I was wondering from start to glass how long will take.

No experience with the kit. My guess is you can bottle it in ~1-2 months. Then maybe another month in the bottle.

You could always start drinking it right after bottling. Or waiting until you can’t stand it.

Did my first batches of wine last summer. It was 2-3 months before I put the wine in bottles and I’m just now drinking the Piesporter, 6 months after bottling. The Shiraz won’t be opened until fall. I’m not certain but I’ve seen others mention that there are some kits that can be turned around much quicker. The kits I did were the high end ones since if I was going to invest time I wanted a bigger pay off.

Will say I did try the Piesporter at 3 months and while okay it is FAR better at 6 months in the bottle.

I’ve had the same experience. My whites need around 9 months after starting, and there’s a big improvement between 6 and 9 months.

Which kit specifically?

Generally a Pinot Grigio is not going to be a long term prospect. But again some kits are designed for the very short term (within 5/6 weeks to 2 months) some for slightly longer (7 weeks to 3/4 months).

The piesporter mentioned above is a slightly more complex wine to begin with. Even though consumption of this wine could start anytime after 7 weeks, longer aging will bring out a lot (3-6 months).

I’m never a big fan of longterm aging for most whites. As soon as the sharpness is rounded out it is go time in most cases. White wine can lose that brightness over time.

Of course there are always exceptions as with all things.

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