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New Old Brewhouse/Garage

I’m renovating a 100 year old or so building here on the family homestead to include a place for the Harley, Rhino, and lawn tractor in addition for a place for my wife to park with a remote garage door and a 10x24 brew space. Running about 12,000 watts of power capacity thinking of maybe going electric in the future. All the lumber is full dimension. Here are some pics:


So… with your power potential known… What will consume “constant” power that may limit an electric brew gizmo?
OR perhaps I missed something earlier…

I think you will need 100amp service? Nice work by the way. It looks like a big project. Your Harley needs a cover to keep the saw dust off though.

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I looked at electric elements and figured 8500 watts or so. 220v x 50 amps= 11000 watts. Should be enough extra I think to keep the lights and things on. Is my thinking correct?

@hd4mark - Yeah, I should be parking the bike in the basement till this is done.

Not all power sucking equipment is on at the same time… So you’ll have some head room…
When I finished my little garage… I surface mounted conduit… You can always remove/relocate outlets/lights down the road… I did alot of plotting and scheming (brews involved) to figure where was this or that going… I feel it worked well!!
Yes, keep posting progress! Ahhhhhh construction…

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I’m still preparing the 3rd garage bay at our new place for my brewery…confession, I didn’t get the handy gene :joy:so not a lot of construction on my part(and not a lot needed for 5 gallon BIAB system). I am trying to make this place a bit more presentable and less decrepit to reduce the # of creepy crawlies. Sealed an open area that wasn’t plumb in my planned storage area for my brew stuff…Fiberglass and paper tape and mudding in, etc. AC in now.Utility sink. Electric range which we are using a lot to keep the wear and tear down on our fancy pants kitchen in the house.


The cool part about this building is it’s on our original family farm. When I was a kid and we were still farming we used to grade apples, store equipment, park grandpa’s car, and play in it. Lots and lots of history. Edit: Best part is that it’s 150’ from the house it’ll be all my space when we build the attached garage next spring. :grin:


Off topic sort of here but… I listed the front rim from my wifes Dyna Wide glide on Craigslist. We put a custom on years ago. This young guy texts me about it and we talk. Turns out he has a Sportster, 19" front wheel. I tell him I don’t think it will fit a narrow glide front end this is from a wide glide and it’s 22". He has to check with his buddy blah blah. Long story short he came and bought it. Even if he could get it between the forks you think it will clear the fender? Sounds like more work that its’s worth.

Oh the rim was in our garage and that is my brewhouse. I got it on topic!

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You probably could have gotten away with a smaller amperage. As mentioned, you won’t be running all the electric equipment at the same time. Heating element pulls max of about 35 amps, and there’s no voltage spike on startup with a resistor. Then again I did my calculation with 240vac, not 220. Electrically it’s all interchangeable lingo, but obviously it can fluctuate value.

BUT… Having all that extra amperage allows for a lot of future expansion of any toy you want to add (brewing or otherwise).

Compressors… Welders… Plasma cutters… Big table saw… Big planer… A decent dust collector… Need I go further… Pre-task planning for one brew house/garage/tool chest… :beers:

I asked my guy and he told me fit would depend on the year. Sounds like probably not. Seems like it’s mess up geometry anyway.

Well I was honest with him and hope it works out for him. Nice kid. Works at a tattoo parlor and it showed.

Coming along. Just like the old house marrying old full dimensional lumber with new.

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I’ll post some exterior pics soon. Waiting on the rakes to get installed. :relaxed:

Old and new can be a bit of a challenge…
When you say rake, that’ll be the “wedge” from the top of the wall to the under side of the roof? Is this going to be the brew room? Just nosey/snooping… Let the fun proceed!! :beers:

Yes, it covers the gap between the roofing and the fascia along the eaves.

Actually the space with the toolbox is the wife’s parking space and the brew room will be on the other side of the new wall where the aluminum ladder is.

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Brewhouse is coming along. I have the ceiling and wall framed in but still need to decide placement for the door into the garage space. Put up a couple of LVLs last night which made a couple of support posts unnecessary. My steel guy has about 45 minutes of finish work to do on the outside and the garage doors are a couple of weeks out yet. Now that the construction phase will slow some I’ll look to get the utilities in. Big fun so far! I’ll post some pictures soon.


Been very quiet here… :roll_eyes:

Keg cleaning day here…2 beers fermenting and one on order. Oktoberfest will be started late but oh well…I can’t not make an Oktoberfest. It just wouldn’t be right…to go with this thread a pic:

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Things have been a little quiet here since we finished the exterior steel. Having some trouble getting the power cable pulled to the building but I think I have that resolved. The utilities in general are more intensive than I thought they were going to be in general. The heat and doing some “domestic peace” projects has slowed me down. There are some peculiarities to how the building was built and some future thoughts that have made the wiring plan way more of a PITA than it should be. I did manage to work on the rough in wiring yesterday and will sheet the ceiling this week. Getting close to overhead door installation this week or next.

I plan to brew a couple times out there before I finish the wiring and cover the interior walls to make sure I have things where I want them. I have a friend who is donating some aluminum square stock and his welding talent to create a brew stand to my specs so I’ve been thinking about that as well. I am hopeful it’s going to come together rather quickly once we get in the home stretch.


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