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New barley crusher?

Just got my new barley crusher . In the directions they say to run a half a pound of grain through it and discard them. this is for first time use or from an extended period of time not using it. I don’t have an extra half a pound to waste. Is there something else I can use? One more ? do I leave the gap set at the factory setting of .39 ? thanks for any help. and if there is any other advise it would be appreciated. since this is my first crush.

I just bought barley crusher. Used it twice so far. I did run grain through it to clean the left over burrs and any oil off the rollers from them being machined. When I’m done crushing the grain, I blow off the rollers with an air compressor then brush off everything using a paint brush. I do have a LHBS near by so I bought a pound of grain just to clean the rollers. Someone may have an idea for a substitute for the grain for you. I did move the rollers. I have mine set to .037 instead of the 0.39 factory setting. I actually set them at 0.32, 0.36, 0.38 and ran grain through each setting. I settled for a 0.37 setting. I would not be afraid to set it at 0.36. I guess it depends on your system what will work for you. I mash in a kettle with a false bottom.

Unless you’ve got a kit where the base malt and specialty grains are mixed I’d use a half lb of your base malt for cleaning the mill and add around quarter lb of sugar to your boil to make up the lost points.

Many adjust their gap to the thickness of a credit card. I suggest you experiment, but encourage you to get a feeler gauge to have an intentionally measured gap. 32 to 35 seems to be the gap of choice. You may also want to consider conditioning your grain. That is getting the grain slightly moist before grinding. The husks stay intact despite a finer crush so you get the filter while possibly boosting efficiency.

I’ve been to several LHBS between here and Denver, and every one had a Barley Crusher by the grain bins. I would feel confident in your purchase as to the quality of BC.

I agree from what some of the guys I know say they work just fine and the price is right.

I have a Barley Crusher, and I use the factory setting that it came with. I’m very happy with it.

Would oatmeal work? Do you have some?

I have a barley crusher and love it. Mine is set to 32 for BIAB.

I ran a half pound of oatmeal through mine the first time. I brush the rollers off with a small paint brush after each use.

I do exactly the same.

I agree it’s a good mill. I blow mine out, especially the sides of the rollers and the bushings.

When my compressor crapped out, over time dust would build up and make the free roll harder to turn.

I plan to install it above a cabinet and motorize.

thanks for all the great answers. I just wish they would tell you somewhere in the ad that you need to do the half a pound of wasted grain . I would have bought more grain when I ordered my grains oh well I just have to wait to do my first grind’

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