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Need to delay wine batch in process

I am making a Wine Expert Eclipse cabernet kit. I’ve been a homebrewer for years, this is my first wine kit. Primary and secondary are complete and the batch is ready to move to stabilize and clarify: rack, degass, add metabisulfite, sorbate, chitosan and 3 oz oak cubes. Kit instructions call for 8 days, then final rack.

Something unexpected came up and it’ll be about 3 weeks before I can get back to it. Wondering which is the best approach to handle the delay so I don’t compromise the batch

1 let it sit in the secondary until I can get back to it
2 proceed with degass, etc and extend this step by 2 weeks; my concern is too much time on the oak

Other suggestions ?


I wonder about going into yer secondary, then git it cool, jet above 32*? Sneezles61

It will be fine in the secondary while you’re away. Just get to it as soon as you can.

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