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NB's AK47 AG

So, I just bottled the AG version NB’s AK47. It is truly the weakest beer I’ve ever brewed. I was feeling like it was a waste of time, until I remembered all the guys at work who are fans of girly beers. They will probably enjoy it. But, I will never, ever do this one again.


Despite the big name isn’t that kind of the point of this beer? Small and simple. It does say it is around 3% in the description. Which is why I never really understood the name.

Yeah, I brewed it for the lovers of “girly beers”. It’s in the bottles now, so I’ll try one in a few weeks and see. I’m definitely a fan of bigger beers.

[quote=“paultuttle”]Yeah, I brewed it for the lovers of “girly beers”.[/quote]That’s why I think NB ought to rename this beer the “Ruger .380”.

That is pretty funny. I guess we’ll see how it turns out in a few weeks.

I was actually thinking about taking that recipe and beefing it up to a much higher OG, and then I could really call it what it is. Then again, there are so many recipes out there, I may not.

I always thought the name meant that you could brew it a million times without cleaning your equipment and still never have a stuck mash.

g_force, you ever make it up to Cheyenne?

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