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NB AG kit question/

For those who brew AG kits by Northern Brewer or for any Northern Brewer staff members, a question…

I just started BIAB, and think I am now hooked. Can’t buy an actual AG system till I buy a house, but am loving BIAB for now. I do see some NB recipe kits that I want to try, but I was wondering if the entire grain bill ships mixed, or if NB can split the grains into individual bags prior to shipping. The reason I’m asking is because I BIAB five gallon batches by doing two separate mashes, in two separate kettles, and then combining the wort and boiling it. I like to keep the grain proportions identical in each mash, so its important that the grains I use for a particular batch be bagged individually, or that the beer’s entire grain bill be split into two bags with each grain added in equal proportions (probably a pain in the ass I know). Just wondering if that was standard on AG Kits or, if it’s not, whether I can specially request they be bagged individually within the kit.

Thanks for any info.

They come mixed in one big old bag.
I’m sure they would split it for you, the customer is always right.
I know they read the special order comments that you can type in when placing an online order.

I would think a good stir / mixing of the grain bill would distribute the specialty grains fairly evenly throughout if they’re not already. There might be some very minor changes to the mash chemistry in the two batches but I don’t think it’s a big enough factor to change the outcome.

Can’t say that I’ve done it but I would think that if you’re combining the two batches in the boil not a whole lot is gonna change the end result.

I just picked up some crushed grain at the LHBS yesterday for a couple brews for the upcoming weekend. Looking at the bags the specialty grains (chocolate malt / carafa III) appear to be very evenly distributed throughout the base malt.

A good mixing and they’ll be fine, minor variations aren’t the end of the world anyway. You could always buy stuff individually and make your own recipes, that way you have the control.

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