My Ward Lab Water Report. Your Thoughts

ph 7.7
total dissolved solids (TDS) Est,ppm 391
electrical Conductivity,mmho/cm 0.65
Cations/ anions, me/l 7.3/7.6

all below are ppm

sodium,Na- 39
Potassium,K- 3
Calcium,Ca- 51
Magnesium, Mg- 36
Total Hardness, CaCo3- 278
Nitrate,No3-N- 3.5 (safe)
Sulfate,So4S- 16
Chloride,Cl- 49
Carbonate,Co3 <1
Bicarbonate,HCo3- 304
Total Alkalinity,CaCo3-248


wow, that’s some pretty alkaline water. I recommend you download Brunwater , plug in your numbers, and read the water knowledge section.

thanks denny I will have to check that out. I have been using EZ Water adjustment spreadsheet. Via bobby M on you tube. Have you used that at all?

Yep. Brunwater is a bit more difficult to learn, but the results are far superior IMO. It also has a great section on water knowledge. Martin, the author, is a professional water engineer who does work for breweries.

Yeah - your water is very alkaline. Bet you can brew a mean stout with it.

+1 on Brun water - it takes some time to get familiar with it, but you need it if you want to brew a wide range of beer. My water is close to yours, although a bit lower in regard to bicarbonate.

In general, I do the following with mine to start with, and then add back CaCl, CaSO4 and epsom salt as needed to style:

100% RO water - Light lagers, pilsners, etc
80% RO water - light american pale ales
60% RO water - IPA’s,British ales, etc.
40% RO water - Brown ales, amber ales
20% RO water - Stouts, porters

That is just a very general guideline, and I use Brun water to get the exact mix of RO, water additions, acidulated malt, etc.

cool,thanks guys I will check that program out. why R.O. and not just distilled?

No difference as far as impact on beer. Generally though, you can find RO water filtered water machines in stores (I just get mine at walmart). If you buy jugs of distilled off the shelf, you are going to pay .70 to $1.00 a gallon. If you refill your own RO jugs, it is only usually about .39 a gallon. No point in paying twice as much for the same basic thing. Get whichever you can get cheaper - they are essentially the same.


I second Braufessor’s comments: you can make excellent beer with your water, provided it’s sufficiently diluted with RO. My water has higher TDS, all around. Higher in most minerals, including more alkaline & higher Bicarbonate. I usually dilute 40-80% with RO; I never use 100% RO, because I don’t want to lose all my mineral concentrations…