My own No-Sparge Honey Ale

My own recipe for a honey ale is on the burner, doing its 60 min boil right now. I did a no-sparge brew, as per the Nov 2011 issue of BYO magazine. Here is my recipe:

6 lbs 2 row
1 lb 20L Crystal
1/2 Lb honey malt
8 oz Maltodextrine
1 oz Willamette, 60 min
1 oz Kent Golding, 5 min
Nottingham yeast

Collected 8.5 gal of water, for a 7 gal runoff.

Oh, and I’ve decided to add 1lb of local honey at flame-out. I love making my own recipes.

this x1000.

What was your efficiency on the no-sparge?

I did it for the first time last weekend using the cooler method on a stronger English Ale and got 75% efficiency. I like it for the time savings (2 small kids), and if I can get 75% it’s a no-brainer.

I honestly don’t know how to find my efficiency. My OG was 1.048. It’s now sitting in the basement at 62 degrees, starting the fermentation.

That grain bill with an OG of 1.048 and a volume of 5 gallons is ~78% efficiency.

Thanks, Nighthawk. How did you figure that?

Brewing software. I like math. But I’m not going to long hand out PPG potential extraction :blah:


Type in the ingredients and ending volume. Adjust the efficiency until the OG matches what you measured.

OK. I do have Beersmith 2, just don’t use it very much.