My next batch

I am BRAND NEW to wine making. I wine fan for years. I decided to give it a try myself. I enjoy a medium bodied white, a la PInot Grigio, sauv blac, and some Chardonnay. My first kit( wine expert Pinot Grigio ) turned out pretty sweet and low alcohol content. I’ve now got a 6 week kit on its way( RJ cru sauv blac) , and want to be sure it’s drier and has more alcohol. How might I achieve this?

Theres a gentle man over on the wine port that will have yer answer. All that I’ve read of his reply’s shows to me he know what the h%@l is going on! Sneezles61

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You are talking about Chaptalization (adding sugar)

Here are some calculators you will find handy

I have been adding table sugar to my wine when I want to up the alcohol. I heat water and add the sugar and stir till its dissolved and ad it to the must. I usually add 1 to 2 pounds sugar to 2 to 4 cups of water and add that to the must. I was reading that a better way is to use Grape Concentrate and sugar. The Winexpert Grape Concentrate is 68° Brix.

Red Grape Concentrate

White Grape Concentrate

To bump up a Winexpert Island Mist kit you would use 1 Grape Concentrate pack and 1 pond of sugar.
You decide how much alcohol you want and add the appropriate amount of sugar.

Hope this helps :smile: