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My new Monster Mill setup

Got my mill all set up.
[attachment=0]Mill pic.JPG[/attachment]
The motor is and old sears, roebuck and Co. 1/2 horsepower.
Heres the PDF if you are really interested.

Motor spins at 1750 RPM.
I reduced that speed by a 1 1/2" pulley on the motor to a 4 1/2" pulley on intermediary shaft (side a).
The other side of the intermediary shaft (side b) has a 1 1/2 " pulley to a 4" pulley on the mill.

Thats approximately 8:1 reduction so the mill spins at about 215 RPM.
I got the pulleys and belts from
[attachment=1]Mill Pic 2.JPG[/attachment]

The intermediary shaft is actually salvaged from a old table saw. Its the shaft where the blade would attach and the hand crank thing you see the would raise and lower the blade.

I got the motor, table, and pieces of the table saw at a local store that resells used building materials and tools and puts the money towards charities.
I also have some videos of it working but couldn’t figure out how to upload them.

Hope you like my project.


Looks awesome! Nice work.

Nice setup. I like the tension control system.

Wow, you could lose a finger in that thing. Nice work.

Sweet googly moogly! That’s a thing of beauty.

That’s what she said.

Sorry, had to do it.

Thats a sweet setup

Nice build!! Love putting old stuff back into use!

Tensioner is genius. :cheers:

Very nice work. There’s nothing like something you re-purpose and make yourself. Now for the manhood protector.

hey man stop posting about this great mill, I’M GETTING jealous.

Those belts make me nervous. Get some quality guarding on them!

Otherwise, looks like it’ll work really well. Cheers!

Sweet, some day I’ll do something more than a drill on my MM2.

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