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My Fg seems high?

i brewed a batch a month ago. 2 weeks in primary and 2 weeks dry hopped in secondary. and today i want to bottle, but my FG is 1.024?? the OG was 1.052 and i forgot to check it on the transfer day into sencondary. DUH.
what should i do??
wait some more time and check it in a day or 2 ??

Not sure if there is much you can do. Since this is in the AG forum, I will assume you did your own mash. I would be sure you mashed the beer fully. It should be mostly clear at the end of the mash.

Have you had this issue with your extract batches?

it was a AG brew. Its my 7th brew of AG. I haven’t had a batch do this yet?? and this is the third time i brewed the same grain bill.

what was your mash temp? have you calibrated your hydrometer? or are you using a refractometer?

mash temp was 154. and my hydro was calibrated. I am wondering if the yeast stalled. what else would make this go from 1.052 to only 1.022 in a month
I read the wort right after chilling and yeast pitch it was 1.052 at 75 degrees
i guess i let it set for another week or more. crap.
last 3 AG brews where done exactly the same. Except for tweaking the grain bill i used the same ingredients and process. i used beer calculus and qbrew

Hmmm… How old was the yeast? Any idea?

If it’s still in your secondary, you can try adding a bean-o tablet. That helps break down extra sugars. May do nothing, though, if the yeast have already dropped to the bottom.

After looking through my notes, I used a smack pack and didn’t use a yeast starter. I used a starter on the rest of the batches from harvested yeast. On the brew day my starter yeast fell flat and didnt look like there was any activity or any new yeast product. (I brewed 3 batches from this harvested yeast 1272 AAII) So I ran out and grabbed a smack pack at my local store. I guess it wasn’t very fresh. sucks.
I wont brew again without a starter.

+1 for using a starter…


might not be an efficiency issue, so brew another batch and rack your stuck beer onto the cake. good to go!

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