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More Wild Hops

Found some more hops growing wild the other night so I performed a public service and picked them. Going to follow up similar to last time by brewing a mild ale.

Hop Picking:


Growing on your land?

They were actually along the road and covering those road signs. There is a county gravel stockpile there so I think it’s their ground.

How do you think they got there. Are there male and female plants or maybe there was a hop farm there at one time

No idea. The site is near a very old farmstead so perhaps those folks imported them from the Old Country. I don’t know jack about how hops propagate but I’m going to dig some next spring and bring them home.

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I ended up getting 6# 6 oz. so I should get about 4 oz. to brew with. :rofl:

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Ended up with 2# 4 oz. after drying.

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