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Hop Picking

A buddy of mine called me to come over and pick some hops hfound growing wild. We got about 4# wet and have no idea what variety they are. Going to do a pale ale and see how they do.


Wow, nice looking cones.
Rub one between your hands. What do they smell like?

I got some citrus/earthy off my hands when we picked them. Think maybe they’re Cascade?

Are they wild? If so most likely cluster. They were popular hops back in the day.


So the beer we brewed ended up with a sweet apple flavor. Not green apple so thinking not acetylaldehyde. More sweet. Really weird and not undrinkable but not a first choice. Any ideas? I’m puzzled.

Yep. Incorrect “guesstimate” on the AA%. Downfall of using homegrown hops. Wet hops also require much more use. Best used for late additions with known bittering unit.

So now I’m wondering, does the flavor result from too many or too few or just being wrong for the grist? Every reference I’ve looked at so far with “apple” is all about acetylaldehyde. I’ll keep digging but if anyone knows a reference to point me at so I can learn a little more about it, it’d be much appreciated. I’ll post the grist when I get a chance but it was pretty simple if I remember right. Questions, questions, questions… :sunglasses: Thanks @loopie_beer !

I think “grassy” is the flavor descriptor that people use in this instance.

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