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Monster Mill's website

Has anyone bought a Monster Mill directly from their website and pay for the 2-day shipping?
How long was the actual shipping from the purchase at their website to your brewery?

I bought a MM2 but don’t recall the time it took to get here. I would just go for regular shipping and have patience.

I would never buy one again they are junk in my opinion.

The best mill I ever had was my first one and that was a JSP with gear drive. After selling that I went through a couple different mills including the monster mill and went back to a JSP.

I also have a JSP Maltmill. It’s been awesome - never a problem in over 7 years.

Have you ever checked out Jack Schmidling’s website


What a nut? Is there anything he can’t do?

I have had both a Barley Crusher and a JSP. The JSP is hands down much much better. Easy to adjust gap spacing and breezes right through grain with the long rollers.

Are all the JSP mills gear driven? I can’t really tell by the picture and description on NB’s website.

Looks like on NB its a $68 option on Model A and Model AA to get it gear driven.

Those that have and use a JSP, do you have yours motorized or just use the hand crank?

It’s only available on the model A the model AA has adjustable knobs on both end. I power mine by a 18 volt drill.

I too use a drill.

Thought I would add this I was in the NB store on Grand Ave and was told he refuses to carry them in the store due to all the problems, however you can if you want still order them online.

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