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Mixed up yeast

I wanted to pitch premiere cuve to my pino Gris and Cote de blanc to my Riesling. Since I wanted the grigio dryer than last year’s. I mixed them up anyway to dry out the grigio

I really need to change up the yeast in my white wines. I always use the champagne yeast that comes with the kits.

For my reds, I always use 4946.

The champagne yeast will make your wine very dry. My local wine making shop suggested I let the grigio finish then taste if it’s still to sweet to add champagne yeast to dry it out.

You might want to consider adding the champagne yeast sooner rather than later. It’s REALLY hard to get the yeast started once your ABV gets much above 10%, even with champagne yeast. If it’s added while the alcohol is building, it’ll have a better chance of picking up where the wine yeast leaves off and drying it out the way you want.

That was my thought. Maybe at second racking after a month. He told me after it finished though. I used the Cote de blanc last year and it came out well. But alot of people thought it sweet for the Pinot grigio. Im not an expert. My plan was to ferment the Riesling sweet and to pino dry. Then blend a portion and have three different white wines plus a red

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