Mill Table with removable hopper?


I’m formulating plans to build a “brew sculpture” for my cooler AG setup. Basically a 3 tier wooden frame to set my gear on for brewing.

In the middle height tier, where the mash tun will sit, I’d like to incorporate a monster mill built under the table surface. I envision being able to crush my grain, remove the hopper and place the mash tun cooler right over the top and begin brewing.

Anyone have ideas on how I could incorporate a removable hopper into a setup like this while still keeping the table surface flush for my mash tun to sit on?

Thanks, JW

Make the whole mill flip over like a sewing machine table?
That might be pretty slick.

With the mill mounted underneath, you could cut a hole for a carboy neck and use an inverted carboy (with the bottom removed) as a hopper, then just pull it out to make room for the MT.