Microbio and brewing

Anyone have any good reading resources/recommendations exploring the microbiology and chemistry side of brewing? i’m looking for a deeper understanding on the subject

I’d probably start with Principles of Brewing Science by George Fix. It’s a good high-level overview that won’t cost you nearly what the textbooks would. From there you might have to decide which you want to get more in-depth on, the bio or chem. Brewing Yeast and Fermentation by Bolton and Quain is a very comprehensive reference for anything related to yeast. I’ve also heard good things about Brewing Microbiology, but haven’t read it. Kunze’s Technology Brewing and Malting is the standard for malt, wort, and beer chemistry. I have the 2nd Edition English translation, which has some significant errata. The 4th ed. was just released, so it might be worth getting that one new.

If you know someone who’s been to Siebel and is willing to part with their binders, they’re extremely helpful.

awesome. thanks for the quick response. i’ll have to order some of those. I’m planning on attending brewlab in sunderland soon and thought i should start to study. i’ve taken microbio in community college but i was looking for something a little less broad

thanks! :cheers:

And this book on Yeast just came out last year: http://www.brewersassociation.org/pages … rmentation

awesome. my LHBS has this one. I have a lot of reading to do :cheers:

Yeast is a really great book but more intermediate than “advanced”. As someone how doesn’t do the science thing I found it just about right. If you are looking for the in depth science it may not be what you are looking for. Good read all the same.

Yeah, Yeast is a “how-to”, not a “why”.

i see. looks like i’ll skip that one then