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Mashout and mash thickness

Hey there - I’ll be brewing an all grain batch shortly with 11lb of grain. Schedule calls for 154F mash temp and 170F mashout for 10min. Last time I just skipped the mashout, but I’m wondering about giving it a shot this time.

The only issue is that to end up with a mash thickness of around 1.5 quarts per lb of grain I’d need to do the 60min mash rest at 1 quart per lb because it would get up to 1.5 quarts per lb with the amount of water required to raise the temp to 170F for mashout. I’m reading that having the mash too thick during the 60min rest can make it less efficient, but am unsure of how much that really matters - any advice?

You’ll be fine at 1 qt/lb. I’ve gone as low as 0.8 qt/lb without issue, although it is a very thick mash at that point.

Also, I don’t think a mashout is entirely necessary, just start hearing your first runnings as you collect them if you want to stop conversion. But give it a try and form your own opinions. This is one of those areas where there are lots of right ways to do it.


Probably like Pork Chop sez, way too many ideas about mashing. I would use half of my HL volume, thusly trying to keep the grain bed a bit more wet. Now with BIAB, full volume, I have conversion at 80% and better at times. Sneezles61

Do you remember your ratio? I was at 2.5 qt/lb and I didn’t seem to get very good efficiency. I’m not sure if that was because of crush/ratio/technique or what.

I think crush is more important than ratio. Since I started crushing at .025 my efficiency is about 85% when I crushed .035 I got about 75%

I can’t adjust my mill, but, I did stir my mash many times, and still do, as I BIAB now. The anomaly eludes me though, as sometimes I will get over 80%. I am trying to find the variable, maybe betwixt the stirring and higher temp at mash out? Sneezles61

Fly sparge or batch sparge?

If you fly mash out is beneficial. Not true with batch sparge as you can run off super fast and then heat to denature the enzymes.

As for your mash… start with 1.25/lb and finish with 1.75. You’ll be fine.

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