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Mashing annnd

Good day to mash inside and watch the skins close in on the Giants. Anyway figure hang out inside and watch in the game would be a nice time to dry run my winter mash process.

My electric HLT I have two of these that puts out 2.2 5 gallons of 180 degree water for my mash in. My mash tun sitting on my boiler.My bar and 60" opposite my brew space. And my heat

Nice. I like the tip cup also. What is the glass hanging on the left side of the serving window.

Oh those are my hanging pilsner glasses. I have two of those


So, how did the coffee pot work? You have a cool set up there! I like the idea of employing the boiler as a warming plate fer yer mash-tun… Maybe try an over night Mash? Sneezles61

The coffee pots work great each one gives about 2 1/4 gallons is water. One gets the water 180 the other 170. They need tempering with cold for strike temperature but plenty water for up to a five gallon batch mash which is my winter volume. Takes about a half hour to heat the water. Going to try and put some tubing on the spigots. The warming plate aka boiler helps keep some heat. You can see the Mead fermenting there at around 69 deg. Today I’m going to do another mash and kettle sour in the pot on top of the boiler.

By the way looks like the Giants got their ticket punched last night. Sloppy again but a win is a win.

Just giving the boys a whack a mole’ is good in my book! Even me purple people trippers did well… Got another one in a row! :relieved: Sneezles61

I see that. I was rooting for Seattle to give MN some breathing room. Tonight we root for Baltimore I guess although a NE win doesnt hurt Denver as much. My grandson obviously a Broncos fan.

Very cool thread. Thanks!

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