Mash temp for a stout

I usually mash at 158F, is that temp suitable for a stout as well or should I drop it by a couple degrees? Any advice would be appreciated.

what kind of stout

It is going to be a hazelnut stout with some lactose to sweeten it up a bit.

I think 158f is too high of a mash temp for most beers. I like to mash at 151 ±1 for dryer styles, and 154-155 for styles with more body.

So, to answer your question, I would mash your stout at 154f, there will be plenty of residule sweetness and body from the lactose.

depends on the attenuation of your yeast to and what you want out of it…but would probably shoot for 153-154

Thanks for the advice guys, I will give 154 a go. I appreciate it.

You do most mashes at 158°? That seems awfully high and would produce a wort with low fermentability.