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Mash pH @ 5.0?

Added a little too much acid malt to my grain bill and my mash dropped down to 5.0 What will be the effects on this beer? English IPA

It will taste tarter, but not bad. The big thing I note after depressing the mash pH too much is that the resulting beer attenuates more. That takes out body and sweetness and is likely to throw the balance off. Its not a good thing, but the beer is typically drinkable.

Funny thing to hear Bud Light being touted as being drinkable. In the homebrew circle, drinkable just means that you’d drink it rather than pour it out. It sure doesnt’ mean its good. AB needs to rethink that ad campaign.

I’ve made beers in that pH range, and they’re fine. I don’t recommend it as a good practice, but you won’t ruin your beer doing so, either.

Fermentation is rolling along well…added just a little too much acid malt in the grain bill.

If you didn’t acidify sparge water or used straight ro for the sparge there is a good chance your resulting ph isnt far off it all from optimum.

Used straight filtered water for the sparge and did not acidify it…I’ll find out this weekend when I rack to secondary…thanks for the feedback.

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