Mango pale ale

Hi does anyone have a nice all grain mango pale ale recipe? :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried this, but off the top of my head:

80% 2-row
10% melanoidin
5% crystal 20
5% crystal 40

to about 1.055 OG

.5oz Magnum or Warrior bittering
Citra and Galaxy at 20 minutes
Citra and Galaxy at 15 minutes
Citra and Galaxy at 10, 5, 0 dry hop

to about 60-70 IBU, the majority coming from late hops - the galaxy and citra will give you another layer of mango/other trop fruit

Chico/US-05 at 64*

2-3 lbs frozen, then thawed and chopped/mashed mangoes, covered in vodka for 2 weeks, add the extract to taste at bottling/kegging/serving

I’ve brewed a very similar recipe (same grains, slightly different hops). Also did a very similar recipe, but used only C20 for my crystal malt. I liked the C20 one better, as it seemed to better duplicate the sweetness of the mangos. Made it taste more like mango. I’d also recommend 1272 instead of US05.

Thanks for the recipe! at what stage did you add the mangos sl8w?

To the fermenter, after primary fermentation is done.

im a bit worried about infection, do you guys think fresh mangoes would be ok? anyone have any tried and tested recipes :slight_smile:

im also kegging the batch :slight_smile:

I’ve added kiwi to a wheat beer with no problems with infections.

You could dunk the fruit in StarSan for a couple seconds before pealing them to knock out anything on the surface.

That’s a good idea thanks!

There is going to be some wild stuff living in the fruit, even if the surface is contacted by Starsan. If you boil it, you will lose the a lot of the volatiles that make mango taste like mango.

The reality is, if you freeze then thaw, then add to do a secondary ferment, the majority of the bugs/microbes will be either dead or inactive, and the huge population of yeast that is in your beer will likely crowd them out. Also, in an alcoholic environment, some bugs have a harder time growing.

I am a big believer in vodka tinctures as I described above in beers where I want adjunct flavor. You are also getting the flavor of fresh fruit and not fermented fruit. YMMV.

I just bought a bottle of absolut vodka :cheers:

Great move. You also may want to consider saving the vodka in the event you need to supplement the fruit flavor with your homemade extract. Happy brewin and let us know how it turns out!

Under this approach, most of the mango flavor will end up back in the vodka bottle, not in the beer. FWIW, I’ve probably added fruit to beer 30-40 times, and with the exception of the first few batches, the only thing I ever do to the fruit is give a light water rinse to the outside/skin. If I’m using canned or frozen fruit from the grocery store I just open the container and dump it right in. I’ve never had a fruit-related infection that has made the beer undrinkable, or even less desirable. For me, I find it much easier to RDWHAH than to deal with starsan, tinctures, flash pasteurization, etc.

I stand corrected, sl8w is right here. If you’re adding fruit to the fermenter, I would just add the fruit. I have had good results supplementing with an extract/tincture however.

I racked my snpa clone into 2 different secondaries. The mango is in a small secondary with about 5l in it. I racked after 5 days in primary when bubbling stopped and gravity was 1.009 for 2 days.

How long do you guys think I should leave it before bottling?? cheers :cheers:

Ill post up the results in a few weeks :smiley:

How long did you end up leaving the fruit in the secondary for and how did it turn out?

Also, was soaking in vodka for sanitation purposes or just done if you want to make an extract from the fruit?

Freezing does not kill microbes. It only slows the growth.

I soaked the mango pieces in vodka for the sanitation. I also left it in the secondary for about 10 days. I have a bottle in the fridge but haven’t tried it yet! I will let you know how it goes :cheers:

Hmm…I’ll give that a shot whenever I brew with fruit; never have tried before. Look forward to hearing how it turned out. I wonder what, if any, effect the vodka would add to the taste of the brew.

I just tried the mango pale ale, I cant even taste any mango flavour??? :? its a nice beer but not what I was expecting.