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Making wine for the first time

Bought a six gallon bucket o Pinot grigio juice and a package of wine yeast. Now what

Did they give you any written instructions?

Yea I have instructions but if they are anything like beer making instructions . It says ferment 68 to 72. I have temp control should I keep it Lower. Using cotes Des blanc

Having not used that yeast before I do like to keep it on the lower end of the temp range but as long as you are within it you will be fine.

Hydrated the yeast and pitched. activity in the airlock started right away. I didn’t treat the yeast with Campden now I’m wondering if I should have.

Do I have to rack after 5 days or can I leave it in the bucket with an air lock. I don’t have a carboy so I was going to rack to another bucket. @rebuiltcellars is a wine maker or any others opinions are welcome.

Hey Brew Cat, I made some box wines and they turned out very good, and I just followed the instructions that came with it. Now wheres Tim the wine man? Sneezles61

I threw out the directions along with the directions for my toilet. I figure I can simplify this wine making. Why not ferment in the bucket with an airlock untill completion. Then transfer to a keg, purge the keg then airlock the keg and age.

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Toilet wine? Prison juice time!

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I had some stuff that was needed to be added and don’t know what does what. I think the simple take away I get from it, was it needs to be racked once a month after primary is complete… So maybe you need 2 buckets… Sneezles61

I think I will rack it to my bottling bucket in 5. It’s 6 gallons so I shouldn’t have much head space. After a month or so drain through the spigot and hose into a keg purge and airlock for some months.

I don’t think you can just primary like you suggested. Wines call for additions to help clear as well as agitation to release CO2. I can see that being problematic if just kept in primary.

I only plan on keeping it in primary for 5 days then rack to secondary for a couple weeks and then rack again for ageing. . As far as additions the only thing I think you would add before your ready to bottle would be pectin enzyme which I didn’t bother with since I didn’t use whole fruit. What I have done so far as bought a 6 gallon bucket of Pinot Grigio juice, pulled the lid pitched the yeast, drilled a whole in the lid and stuck in an airlock.

you’re gonna need those toilet instructions one day, and then you’ll be sorry!!! haha



Pretty sure I can download them from the internet

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@brew_cat you may want to look at These instructions

Well I didn’t buy a kit just a bucket of juice. Those directions you posted say the wine will be done in a couple months Thad seems a little short. But maybe that third step helps rush things along I hadn’t seen that step before.

Haha. You said download concerning toilet stuff. But I do wish you luck with the wine. I’ve not mustered the patience for wine yet.



Wine is quite a bit easier than a brew… except, need a bit more racking and time. Home made wines are simple, just as long as you know what type of fruit yer fermenting, or should I say, playing with. I’m not a big wine sipper, yet from time to time I do enjoy some very dark, warm, dry wine. Sneezles61

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