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Lyles Golden Syrup with AG

I’m planning to brew a Wells Bombardier Special Bitter (SG=1.044) based on the CYBI recipe that calls for Lyles Golden syrup. My question is should I add the syrup right at the beginning of the boil or towards the end? I’m doing a full volume boil (17.5 gal :shock: ) so over carmelization shouldn’t be a concern. Having the right SG for the 60 minute hop add is the only other consideration I can thing of.


Doubtful it really matters.

If added to the beginning of the boil, be cautious to get it mixed in so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.

I’ve always added it while draining the mash tun to the kettle. This way it’s not on the heat yet, and I have time to stir and help it dissolve.

Or add it at high krausen. :wink:

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