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Low OG first Time all Grain BIAB 1 gal batch

Continuing the discussion from Small Batch all grain Imperial Milk Stout:

Any help would be great! I want to do this a few more time in a 1 gal BIAB before stepping it up. I really want to nail it before going big.

Doing an all grain beer with that high of a starting gravity your efficiency is gonna beer low. Also with a no sparge your gonna lose some efficiency. What percent efficiency did the recipe call for? With a grain bill that big I would prob be 55-60%

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I was shooting for 65%

Next time try mashing thicker so that you can sparge.

Straight distilled water ?

With bigger beers BIAB, I find a pour over sparge will increase your efficiency.

Yes is that bad to use? The city water sucks so I use bottled water should I use a different type?

Yes it is bad because you need some minerals in the water to get a good mash results. You can add minerals to distilled if you want or try doing 50/50 distilled water and store bought spring water. You could try straight spring water also

OK. Thank you like I said I am new to this and did not know I needed minerals in the water. I just knew the city tasted bad. Next batch I will use spring water. Rookie mistakes:smirk:

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