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Low mash temp

I know low mash temp makes the wort more fermentable. What if I was making something like a wheat beer thats like 1.050. My target mash temp would be 152. What would the beer be like if it mistakenly mashed at 147? I made a hoppy wheat and basically I got hop water. My recipe was off the top of my head, 5 lbs 2 row, 3 lbs malted red wheat, and .5 carapils. Its very thin and water, not very beer-like. Nice hop flavor though. Wondernig about my thermometers. My final gravity seemed ok at 1.012. I was in primary 2.5 then kegged. US-05.

what was your og? I imagine it wasn’t very high. you probably only got part of your sugars from the grain with that low mash temp. since you mistakenly put all your mash water in at too low a should have mashed it for 15-20 min at the 147^ then pulled out a couple gallons and heated it back up to 200 and added that to your mash to raise the temp up to 156* for a hour then pulled another gallon or so out and heated it to 200 again to get 170* to run out your mash.

What does everyone else think?

Your final gravity is consistent with what should have been expected. But I suppose it’s possible the temperature might have been off by 2-3 degrees. You can check your thermometer for accuracy by measuring the temperature of ice water (32 F) and boiling water (212 F or less depending on your elevation).

Did you measure your original gravity? You say it was “like 1.050”, but if it actually started at 1.070 or something like that, then a final gravity of 1.012 would be pretty darn low, and could make the beer taste more watery than it should.

What was your water source? If you used distilled or RO water, this can make the beer taste watery if you don’t add any salts. But if you used regular tap water or spring water, I would not expect any issues from the water.

Other than that, I really don’t know what to make of this.

i dont think his og was .05, but it should have been from his grain bill. He would have had to mash it longer than usual to get the beta amalyse to do its work to get maltose conversion at the lower temp…just a thought.

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