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Loosing it

has anyone noticed mash efficiency drop from sack to sack of grain. Its been a long time that mash efficiency has varied much from my predicted gravity. Usually use Briess 2-row last few batches have used the Rahr. I’m talking ten pts off. I checked it with a refractometer and hydrometer.

I have use Rahr before and don’t recall any major drop. It has been a while though. My LHBS (northern, I rely on delivery here) doesn’t seem to sell Briess like they used to.

My notes aren’t with me either so I’m not much help.

I was chasing this two batches ago when my Swig of Sunbeams batch was off by about 12 points. Ended up readjusting my mill, which I hadn’t touched in 2 years. Efficiency jumped back to 81% on my last batch. Swig of Sunbeams used Rahr, Julie’s beer used Malteurop.


yeah I’ll check my mill and thermometer. SOS is measured out will brew that next. I just put in an order but forgot to add more DME, I’ll need some before my next brew day just in case

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I wonder how the drought affected the grist last year… How is the price per sack?

Do think it became more expensive. Due to short of grain supply. And the war in europe. My wife came back from colombia. Sunday she said beer brewers are complaining about increase of prices

So its not only me. Last grain order i did notice. Viking malt pale 2 row. And pilsner

Notice what ? Price or my question efficiency?

I noticed a drop in efficiency for some 2 row that I had sitting cracked for a couple years. When I use a 50/50 blend of old and new I do not get the drop in efficiency in fact it was very good efficiency. Don’t know if this helps just providing data.

I haven’t noticed anything ‘off’ so to speak. If you haven’t changed any process than I would start with your mill gap first. Grain is a raw material and can change providing a lower extract. But I don’t think you’d see a 10 point change unless the coarse grind extract efficiency was substantially different.


How off ? Like @loopie_beer says 10 pts is a lot. Could be a combination of things.
After I crushed I noticed alot of whole grain so i checked the rollers and they were loose and open so I reset them yo my mark and crushed them again. If anything I would have expected over crushed. I’ll have to get out the caliper the next brew day

Some feeler gauges… the steel strip ones… Wait… mine isn’t adjustable… I’ll go set some points on a motorcycle… :sunglasses:

Me regular about 81% eff. Had few around 71% same had to mill again due to me not happy bunch of grains not crushed. Reset mill seems to work. But issue why. I dont know. With usa order of grains. Its fine. Euro order. Bigger issue. Even went from drill to hand crack. See if this would make a difference. Mayby with. Drill it goes to fast

Even if your mill gap space hasn’t changed the ‘Plump’ rating could decrease which would mean you would need to tighten your gap. I guess if this happened, coupled with a poor mill gap and decreased extract efficiency you would see problems.
Edit: I have noticed that some malts, same malt by the same manufacture can drastically change with malt plumpness. I do believe this could be a bigger factor than extract potential.

I’m pretty sure due to the amount of “non-lite” beers I drink I could receive a plump rating. :laughing:


I believe that makes sense. Although not the same thing i notice something similar in coffee beans. I use mostly single source beans and notice some beans need to be ground differently because of source and roast levels. For instance the Ethiopian beans tend to be very dense and if roasted dark are very hard to extract when poured over

Full bodied HD4Mark? :slightly_smiling_face:

Won’t blow over in a wind storm.

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I could be accused of the same thing Mark…

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