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Looking for Octoberfest recos

Anyone have a good Octoberfest recipe? AG or Extract.

Basically, I’ve been afraid to try any lager recipes, mostly because I didn’t want to commit to having my freezer at non-ale temps for that long, but I have a Kegerator now that I can lager in, and this is one of my favorite styles.

It was my first lager also. I have a keg of it on tap ATM and I love this beer.

My Ofest recipe and a thread discussing Oktoberfest/Marzen brews can be found here:

Here’s a recipe I do like to brew. I did change the 2oz of carafa3 was little dark so I used carafa1

I have brewed Danny’s ofest…and other than me not letting it carb enough and/or using carafa iii…its delightful.

I should mention that I actually use carafa special in that recipe. It’s dehusked and contributes almost no roasty flavor like the regular carafa.

Mine has roastiness :slight_smile:

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