Leftover Hops - What to make?

I’ve got an open fermenter and I think it needs to be put to work. I have a few oz’s of columbus hops and some of the simply select hop blend (chinook/ahtanum). I’m thinking about making an american wheat, but am unsure if those fit the style. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Not sure that a wheat is a direction I’d go, but it’s your beer! If it were me, I’d probably look to make a nice APA. Both can be used for either bittering or as late additions, so you can’t go wrong there as long as you get the amounts right.

I second that emotion.

I have an IPA fermenting right now, and was looking for something different. However, I may run up to the LHBS, grab some different hops and make a wheat AND an APA (once this current batch is done). :cheers:

Gotta make more beer…what an terrible issue to have :lol: .

Those and those alone sound like Black IPA/American Stout to me.

Now if you wanted to supplement with some centennial/simcoe/amarillo or something similar, another IPA would be fine.

You can use almost any of those as a bittering hop though for a non-hop forward beer like American Porter or an RIS.

Invest in a vacuum sealer and you won’t have to worry about it…

I was thinking robust porter, actually. IPA/APA is the easy choice, but where’s the fun in that? :lol:

I have made a few “left overs” beers that turned out pretty good. Those hops do kind of lend to a pale ale though. I have had some really hoppy stouts that were good so I guess forgetting about style guidelines and just winging it could work.

Hmm a stout or porter, those sound most excellent. Plus, Ive never brewed either style, making it even better! :cheers:

Kitchen sink beers never turn out the best IMO. I’d hold onto them and use them for designed recipes.