Leak in bottling bucket

Home brewing always throws a curve at you sometimes. Bottled the latest batch today and noticed that the priming sugar solution I added just before racking was leaking through what I now know is a small fracture in the bottom of the bucket. It was most likely just warm enough to get through the tiny crack. Went ahead and bottled, now I have no idea how much priming solution made it into the beer. Filled a small plastic soda bottle in hopes it will indicate if there is any carbonation. If not, what are my options to save the batch? Once I get a new bottling bucket, can I poor the 48 bottles in with new priming solution and rebottle? I see our host does not have the prime dose carbonation tabs available and a quick search, including Amazon are all out of stock.

Or is there a procedure for adding sugar directly to each bottle. Would hate to lose this batch (Fat Tire Clone)



Good job on doing the plastic soda bottle so you can monitor carbonation. I’d give them a good 2 weeks at 70ish before deciding to add more sugar(the yeast will still be viable if necessary). The best way that I’ve seen to add more sugar to bottles is to make a sugar solution and add that with an eyedropper. If you add dry sugar, you can get bottles foaming over as soon as you add it. How much to add? You’ll just have to guess. Here’s hoping you won’t have to go that route. :cheers:

How much of the priming solution volume do you think leaked before beginning the racking process? The amount leaked before racking will determine if you have fairly normal carbonation, or somewhat lower carbonation. You will have carbonation unless all of the priming solution leaked before beginning the racking.

I’ve always added a measured amount of sugar directly in each bottle, that way I know how much is in there. It doesn’t take me very long to drop a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in each one. I know not everyone agrees with that, but it works for me. I don’t have to worry about O2 or critters disolving into the beer while stiring the bucket, or a denser solution in the bottom than the top. The idea of using a plastic bottle to squeeze over the first couple of weeks is a good idea that I routinely do too.

Follow up, the filled plastic bottle had full pressure, so that was good. Opened a couple of bottles after 2 weeks and they were carbonated. The leak must have happened after pouring the hot priming solution into the bottling bucket, and apparently stopped after racking the beer, so anyways , all turned out good. Bought a new bottling bucket