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Lager series

Next you’ll tell me there’s no Easter Bunny ( already heard about Santa Claus)

OMG… now you guys don’t believe in St. Nick!!? Peter cotton Tail!! I believe on your walk up to the pearly gates, you’ll both slip… And you know where that’ll end you up at?.. Oh wait… your non believers! Having faith, well, isn’t that why you brew great brews? :sunglasses: Sneezles61

Alright… Fermentation has stopped!! I’ll have to pull them out and do a test… no way can it be done… NO. WAY!! I’m hoping its leaking around the top… Will report back after some investigation… :worried: Sneezles61

It didn’t stop… Maybe the down side to stainless steel fermenters… can’t see whats happening? They have a nice frothy head, so they are fermenting… Perhaps so slow and could be leaking around the lid/fittings? Sneezles61

Lager yeast is substantially less active than ale yeast. In addition, the cooler fermentation temps means more of that CO2 remains dissolved in the beer rather than burping through the airlock.


I have blow off tubes on each of them… And they are 4" deep in water… Isn’t that whats called a water column/pressure? Sneezles61

You need almost 28 inches of water to get 1 psi I believe

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My latest pilsner, brewed 11/29 and kegged on gas and at 32.5 since 12/17.

I love the grainy pilsen malt flavor of a young pilsner. Just moved it from the lagering fridge to the serving fridge two days ago. It’s clearing up nicely already.


Hopefully start brewing again after the first

I checked my gravity on my Czech Pils and what started at Brix 11.8 OG 1.045 is now at Brix 5.2 (1.022). I put it into a secondary but I think I was a little late to the game. Next time I’ll transfer a week earlier.

So here is my fermenting setup… Just checked my gravity… 1.010… It can sit at room temp for a couple days… The sample was good too! Sneezles61

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You lost me on the logic here. Besides, the why of a secondary vessel…why earlier?

Are you lagering in the secondary?

Is it this pils?

In going to make my first Pils today.
8.75 lbs Bohemian Pilsner
1 lb Carapils
1oz Tettnanger 60min
2oz Saaz 30min
1oz Saaz 10min
1oz Saaz flame out
2 packets of 34/70

I’m not a fan of 34/70 as some of the guys here know. I’ve had similar experience with it first pitch…seemed sluggish and lazy as I recall. Didn’t reach a gravity I’d hoped or planned for. Turned out like a nice mouthy if helles i really enjoyed but not my pils. A little too flabbyl

Wyeast has urquell yeast available right now in limited quantity and for limited time. I lost my collection of urquell slurry to a fridge/controller error back in the summer. My LHBS ordered some for me. Hope to have it next week to make up a few liters of starter.

Right now I’m enjoying the pils from bav lager yeast. This one was 1.011 before lagering. Didn’t take a reading but it generally drops another point or two after lagering. I mashed at 149.

I hear 34/70 performs better on successive pitches. I never got that far. Second pitch didn’t impress either.

I’m setting my sights on a Dubbel… this W/E? I will pump my brew onto the yeast cakes… If I plan right… this will keep going all through January A Miabock to follow the Dubbel, then to a negra model kinda brew… back to a simple one… about 12 weeks total? Sneezles61

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So how do you chill those bad boys?

[quote=“sneezles61, post:73, topic:26813, full:true”]
I’m setting my sights on a Dubbel.[/quote]

A Dubbel made with lager yeast? :flushed:

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Double bock?


See what they are sitting on? Thats me freez-mentor… Sneezles61

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Yes… Just a bigger bock… I won’t compete with an imperial… And keeping with a German twist… lager yeast. Any reason why not? Sneezles61

Oktoberfest vs amber ale really…

Huh? Thought sneezles dubbel was meant to be double

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