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Lager series

:joy: lol. A dubbel brewed with lager yeast is kinda like a dopplebock. Like an Ofest brewed with ale yeast is like an Amber

Happy new year to all!

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I was thinking a little more activity for safety sake.

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That has merit. Good way to scrub any O2 introduced on transfer

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Isn’t that called a doppelbock?

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They fit in there? what size freezer is it? Those SS fermenters look snazzy man!

They fit quite snuggly in there… I will need to put the water jugs for the blow off tubes outside it… It would be easier to see the fermenting process then…
And as for my Dubbel up above… My bad… Brew Cat is right Doppelbock… Forgive me… Sneezles61

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Actually it was Danny boy corrected you o just liked his correction. I know what you meant. Carry on


Doppel or dubbel hard to get those past autocorrect

I for one will never ever forgive you…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

still nice fermenters though! May have to get me a couple when I get the new house built with my dedicated brew space and fermentation room/closet.

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Looks like maybe 7 cubic feet? That is my next piece of equipment to build.

Its like 5 cu. ft. Its a tight squeeze. I welded the spuds on top for the threaded fittings… so its been altered… I take the barbed off and thread in a fitting so I can push the brew into a keg with CO2. Sneezles61

I checked my Czech Pils today and it is at 1.012 when the recipe called for it to ben 1.014.
It is very crystal clear with quite a bit of carbonation in the reading beaker. I get a hint of diacetyl.
I am anxious to clear the space it is taking in my temp control chamber.
I can bottle it. Or move the fermentor to ambient (72F) for a while. Or leave it be and pout.

I’ll brew my Blundered bock today… While I’m mashing, I’ll keg my basic lagers… then after the boil, I’ll rack onto the yeast cakes… A small mod to my freeze-mentor also. Sneezles61

I would bring it to ambiiient for a couple and be patient. Patience is always worth while


Im with you…ive brewed two identical czech pils one with wyeasts czech pils yeast and one with w34/70…my mouth much prefers the czech yeast.

Brewed the first lager in my series Friday. Wasn’t really prepared as I’ve been sick so I didn’t realize I only had 350ml of Bavarian lager yeast slurry not nearly enough. I woke it up with some wort and headed to the Homebrew store while the wort chilled. Bought two packs wy2206 with an October date would have preferred fresher. Stuck them under my Jacket to warm up. Smacked them when I got home. Fully expanded later in the day so I gave it all I had. Calculators said it was enough but I generally prefer to over pitch a bit. Pitched at 55 and it’s at 51 now fermenting but slowly. I brewed the maibock first thinking it a little more forgiving. Not really worried just putting it out there. I’ll pitch to the cake going forward

In the fermenter, the 2nd of my lagers… I had about a half gallon of the Whites 830 lager yeast in each fermentor … Blundered bock came in at 1.066… was looking for .068…
So my freeze-mentor is very tight, so I rigged up an ear on each side to put a quart jar of water to route my blow off tubing into… Drilled a couple holes… Now I’ll need to paint a face on the front… :grin: Sneezles61

Planning to brew another Vienna lager Saturday(?) with only minor variations from the recipe above to keep it in guidelines: 5.33 lbs Vienna, 3 lbs Pilsener, 1 lb. Munich, 3 oz Carafa II, Magnum and Tettnanger for 30 IBUs, srm 12.6, OG 1.053. This time with Munich Lager 2308, instead of 34/70( @dannyboy58 will likely approve of this change :grin: )
This will be the second in the series(Festbier lagering in the kegerator) …I might do a slightly Summer weight/lighter “Mexican” Vienna next with some flaked maize with the 2308…down the road a German Pilsener…



Starting a lager series with an Oktoberfest after I keg the two ales in the fermigerator… shipment from NB arrives on Friday. Using 34/70 for this round as I had to dump my Bavarian and Munich lager yeasts during the long layoff. Can’t take a chance on shipping liquid yeast during Summer here…

Homebrewed Pils tastes so much better than any of the commercial examples I’ve had. So next up is a German Pils. After that likely a Vienna lager and or a Bock.


I’m going to run off some lagers start with a summer Lager. Kind of a Sam summer but as a lager then another Bock to Normal which I really liked the best of my quarantine beers. I have the slurry from that only couple months off

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