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Labor day brewing

Here in PA we have a rainy Labor day so I thought I would finally get
brewing a Nut Brown Ale that I have been wanting to do. Is anyone
else brewing today?

Nothing today. But on Friday night I did an English premium bitter and on Saturday an American Red Ale.

Double brew weekends are a lot of work. But fills good to get two batches into the fermentor. And with football season finally here, you can’t have enough beer.

Currently have five fermentors full. Bourbon barrel imperial breakfast stout, american brown ale, pumpkin ale, english premium bitter, and & american red ale. And just started lagering my oktoberfest.

I had planned on brewing but Isaac messed up my week. Just got power back yesterday and the cleanup has taken all my time.
I’m planning on a red IPA and Tallgrass Oasis and maybe something else hoppy. I’m definitely brewing next weekend.

Hurricane isaac.
Last year i did a hurricane Irene Modelled after magic hat’s hi.p.a.
Was great.

Not brewing, but I did rack my American Brown Ale into the secondary. It tasted so good, that I almost kegged it, but I realize I have to learn a little patience.

Why not rack to the keg? Is the same thing as a secondary. Just purge the air off the top and let it age in the keg. Just dump off the first pint of sediment.

Drove back from Chicago this morning (visiting Mullerbrau Jr) and all my fermenters are full (44 gallons) so I’m waiting another week.

No brewing today as it was a regular work day here, but I did do my first brew in almost four months on Saturday. Got a Scottish /70s and my first try at a Black IPA bubbling away in the fermentors.

I brewed an American Pale Ale on Sunday, second brew of the year.

Damn that sounds bad :cheers:

To hot to brew 91 deg but by thursday it wiil be perfect highs in the low 70s I have 3 beers to brew.

Went to a friends this morning and watched/helped brew Pliney the Elder! That’s a lot of IBU’s!

I waited until today for the weekend’s brewing because I was expecting a rainy day like the OP had. But it turned out to be gorgeous. Which makes for a fine brewing day, too. I brewed an innkeeper and a rye stout. That’s what October and November will taste like.

Brewed a Irish Dry Stout today. Basement temp is around 71 degrees, right on the boarder. It seems as though the temp gauge on the glass carboy is reading higher, is this because of the heat from the reaction? Will this effect the beer or is it normal for the temp to be higher than the room temp?


The bigger the beer, the more heat it will generate during fermentation. You should try to compensate for this when choosing where to ferment. Small beers may rise a couple degrees and big beers as much as 6-7 degrees.

Brewed an oatmeal stout today. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. :smiley:

If I put it in the keg, then that means that is ready to be served. The secondary keeps me from drawing off of it.

fair enough, but the more times you rack a beer, the more you risk infection. you also benefit from not risking light oxidation.

I brewed with a couple of buddies yesterday. I made a pumpkin ale and they made a nut brown and a kolsh. We finished before noon, but the temperature was already pushing 100F. I sure hope it feels a bit more like fall by the time my pumpkin ale is ready a month from now.

I brewed my black IPA recipe with a twist - I used WY2124 Bohemian lager yeast instead of my usual WY1450. Fermenting it at about 59 or 60F. That yeast works well at ale temps. I’m pretty excited to see how this turns out.
It will be None More Black!

What do you mean by bigger? Higher alcohol? Does this mean if you are shooting for a 62 degree fermentation temp, and brewing a big beer, you really need to shoot for a room at 55-56 degrees?

Also, will the warmth just produce off flavors? It still seems to be fermenting quite well.

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