Will the krausen usually settle out completely or is it ok to bottle with some krausen. Fg has been reached. Been fermenting about two and a half weeks safale 04. Going to warm it up to about 70 see if it settles out and clears a bit am i on the right track,

Some beers just take longer. Krausen means something is still going on and this can affect flavors. Don’t rush it. Take another look after three weeks. A three week primary is typical for most of my beers. Never less than three weeks.

Thanks for the reply I have 15 gallons in the bottle so am good for a couple weeks. I never secondary but am considering it on this one :cheers:

I quit using a secondary about 10 to 12 years ago after an infection appeared. Found the beer is clear to rack into the bottling bucket after the yeast/trub layer has been given the time to compact.

Sounds good flars we will let her go for another week or two.

I agree with Lars on the 3 week minimum for most beers. Still sometimes you have a yeast that produces a krauesen that hangs around forever. I’ve never used that yeast but I’ve used others, usually top croppers, that leave krauesen a long time. Sometimes just gently tipping the fermenter will break it up and cause it to fall, sometimes a cold crash helps but I have racked from under krauesen that just wouldn’t drop.

Thanks Danny i did give it a lite swirl and it did drop some out i will give it a little more time then try the cold crash. :cheers:

Just don’t get carried away swirling. Remember oxidation at this point is not good.