Kolsch question


2 weeks ago brewed my 2nd all grain Kolsch using Wyeast 2565.
This time I fermented it in a chest freezer with temp control at 60F.

The OG = 1.053 a bit high, my efficiency was a bit higher than anticipated.
Now after 2 weeks I’m at 1.008. Tasted it and it is already very nice.

I’m considering 2 options:

  1. cold crash in primary for 1-2 weeks and bottle
  2. rack to secondary and cold crash 1-2 weeks and bottle.

Any suggestions? Does Kolsch need 2 weeks in secondary?


No need to secondary your Kolsch. You can cold crash it if you like for 1-2 weeks in primary. If you are at 1.008 you’re there. Good to check another SG when you keg or bottle.

Agree with VD, no need to secondary. But kolsch yeast is notoriously poor at settling, it might take more than 1-2 weeks of cold crash to clear it. 2-3 months of lagering is the traditional method, but a lot of homebrewers use gelatin to speed the process.

Agreed, traditionally it is a lager like ale yeast and treated as such. NB has this kit fast tracked to be ready in 4 weeks, with"1-2 weeks cold secondary". Extended time after primary cold crashing or bottle conditioning will likely improve the final product.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I do bottle condition for quite a while 2-4 weeks in the fridge at 40F or so.