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Kegging wine?

I brew beer pretty often but moved away from bottles into kegs a long time ago. My wife is going to make her first batch of wine. I am not looking forward to cleaning, filling and corking 30 bottles. I’m hoping we can bottle about half and keg the rest (I have some nice 2.5 and 3 gallon kegs). I can’t find any discussions here about kegging wine. Can I expect good results? What pressure C02 would I need to use to dispense without carbonating?


Normally you would keg wine using nitrogen. Although I haven’t tried it I have heard people use CO2. Just put in enough pressure to seal the keg probably 2 or 3 psi. Then serve until it won’t push anymore. Don’t leave the gas hooked up just give it a burst as needed.


Great info, thanks!

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