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Kama citra mash ph

So I plugged in all the ingredients for the all grain kit from NB for Kama citra into beersmith. For some reason I could not find that recipe in beersmith.
Anyway, with all my ingredients and treated Poland Spring water ( to Bru’in water IPA profile), beersmith is estimating the mash ph to be 5.5. A little higher than the ideal 5.2 I guess. Should I try to tweak this in the water additives or would you just let it ride?

I would tweak it and try to get about 5.3, which is middle of the road for APA.

Thanks loopie, how would you lower it, by adding acid to the water ( 10 gal total) or adding something to the mash?
I tried playing around with the bru’in water excel download but I get lost in that as the analysis sheet I have for Poland Spring water has some different units etc.

I have a small container of the " 5.2 ph stabilizer" but I have not bothered with it because I have only seen negative reviews on it. Not even sure what’s in it.

If you have your water profile where you want it you can add acid. You can also add gypsum if it’s not too high already to drop the pH.

Are you using the mash acidification page in brunwater?

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No, I just looked at beersmith.

I picked up some lactic acid , beersmith calculates I need about a half teaspoon . My question is…should I add the acid to my total water before heating it? I assume if I wait and measure the ph 10 min into the mash it will be too late.

Yes add it before heating.


worked out well. I got a mash ph reading of 5.19 10 min into the mash.
Thank you for the help!

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