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Just your take on it

I have been adjusting my water with minerals to get my mash ph in the right range. Results have been good. So I was wondering what everyones take on building your water to a certain akalinity before you make adjustments for the ph. what I am saying is. lets say you are brewing a stout and you want to add more minerals to bring up your RA just because you can and there is a valient reason to do so. Does anybody adjust your original profile and then use your calculations with the type and amount of grain that you are using to adjust from that point to bring the mash ph up or down? or am I not making a damn bit of sence? :stuck_out_tongue:

i just adjust from where my water starts out as.i think you are making alot more work for yourself.

I’m confused. :?

Yes you can add both carbonate and acids or acidifying salts in combination if thats what you’re asking. I wouldn’t go overboard on it though.

  1. Adjust your strike liquor to an RA that should be appropriate for the grist, using your calculator of choice.
  2. Check mash pH.
  3. Add salts/acid to correct mash pH if needed.
  4. Repeat 2-3 as needed.
  5. Adjust Ca (>50 ppm) and flavor ions (Cl, SO4, maybe Na) using salt additions in the boil, if needed.
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