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Just a "Thank You."

Though I have been away from both brewing and the forum for quite a while, I recently re-discovered the joy that brewing can bring. After almost 5 years of extract and partial mash brewing, I FINALLY took the plunge into all-grain.
I’ll be honest, i was intimidated for the longest time. I wish i knew why…
The batch sparge method (to me) seems even simpler than i ever imagined it being.
So to everyone i have pestered with questions and those who have offeres helpful advice… I Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me, the little guy. There are too many to mention everyone and i do apologize, but especially Denny, Mullerbrau, and all the guys who make and post videos to youtube. Again, Thank You!

Na Zdravje!

I did the same thing. Brewed extract w grains for 4 years because I thought all grain would be too difficult and take special equipment. It is a natural progression though and I think it helps to start out simple and work your way through as your knowledge increases.

I am going to add more videos to youtube as it is quite easy to do now with the iPhone 4S and the quality is much better that what I had years ago. I am glad to hear that these things are appreciated and have helped others who are coming down the same path.


Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Glad you guys are doing brewing videos, some of the ones on youtube scare me. I was helping a buddy with his kegging system the other day over the phone and he was trying to tell me about his regular and how it had a plastic dial instead of a small screw to turn to adjust it. He kept saying it wouldn’t adjust. I had him send me a picture so I could see it and noticed his regulator showed the tank was empty. I told him to make sure you are opening the co2 tank all the way. He was only turning it like a 1/4 turn. It wasn’t actually opening the valve. So, cheers to you guys making the videos. I’m sure they help a homebrewer a lot. I have one of those little Flip video cameras. I may try to video blog my brewday Friday and post it on my blog.

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