Italian Select Imperial Must question

Hi, I picked up a second wine must to try, my cab if aging with oak chips as I type this. Its a 6 gallon bucket of Amarone wine must. The vendor had little info as to the exact condition of the must. The bucket states contains yeast , nutrient and may contain sulfites.There was no contact information on the bucket and I found nothing on the web. My concern is to I just add yeast ( Pasteur Red)and start things or add 6 camden tablet first wait 24 hrs and then add the yeast? I ordered an S02 kit it should be in soon.If anyone is familiar with this type of must I would appreciate some advice/suggestions.

I am not familiar with that specific kit, but in general most kits contain everything you need as far as ingredients and additives are concerned. So don’t add anything extra unless the kit instructions tell you to.

Sulfite is pretty much never needed up front in kits - it has already been added by the kit maker so the juice will be stable until it is purchased. Nutrients, acids, tannins, pectic enzyme and all other additives to balance or condition the juice have likewise already been added, or are included with the kit with instructions how and when to add them.

Hi Rebuilt,

Sorry, I didn't mention in the post the must is not part of a kit. I purchased the juice must from a local vendor who this week has Italian must (Amarone)in supply. The 6 gallon bucket had listings of ingredients with a statement "may contain sulfates". It's the same vendor I purchased my Cabernet sauvingnon must from. That bucket I added the 6 camden tablets to clean up the must prior too starting fermentation. I wasnt sure how to approach this must bucket. 

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