Is wine making boring?

I’ve been making beer for about five years and want to try some wine but after watching some videos it seems very “easy” and basic. It seems there are a lot of factors that go into making beer from the process to the ingredients but wine is basically pour juice and water in a bucket and drop in some yeast. Yes you have to keep temps etc but overall is seems very basic. Is there a lot of room to change the recipe around to make different wines and experiment? If I start with a kit is there a “full mash” type of wine making that gives you more control over the final product?

That’s just for the kits (which is all I have ever done due to desire). It’s like beer, you can make wine starting from growing the grapes going all the way through. Just depends on where you want to take it.


Yes to it’s boring or yes to loopie_beers answer? :smile:

It’s only as boring as you want to make it. There are ways to modify your kits to make completely different, and maybe even better wines.

Have a look here at some modification techniques: Making Your Kit Wine Shine, Making Your Kit Wine Shine Part Two, or you could buy this amazing magazine that covers all the cool things you can do: Advanced Guide to Wine Kits.

Kit wines are just like working with fresh grape material, albeit material that’s already very close to perfect for the vision that the wine kit company’s winemaker had for it. You can go in and modify oak, acid, tannin, alcohol, yeast, all kinds of stuff, and make the wine your own–the world is your oyster!

It’s a lot easier to make a bad batch of wine than a bad batch of beer. However, it’s also a lot easier to make an excellent batch of beer than an excellent batch of wine.

I’ve been attempting to grow wine grapes for about the last 5 years. Between late frosts, hungry deer, and rose chafers it’s been mostly unsuccessful. I did get enough white grapes a couple of years ago to make a couple gallons. And it’s not half bad. But with trying to time ripeness, monitoring sugar and acid levels, adjusting everything to have the right starting gravity and TA, this stuff is really hard!

Just like kits make it easy to brew decent beer, wine kits make it easy to make decent wine. But someone that can take a couple hundred pounds of fresh fruit on the vine and turn it into a high-quality wine has some crazy skills! By comparison, I think beer is easy, but that’s just me. :grin:

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