IPA Isolation Pale Ale

Checked out my supply. 9.6lb 2-row, 21.2 wheat, 19.5 Vienna, 44 Munich, and 20 of pilsner. As you can see I brew alot of German stuff. I’ll save the pilsner and wheat for about 20 gallons of saison and Hefenweizen need to order yeast for these. Trying to decide just use all the 2-row in one batch. Or split it up to cut the Munich a bit.

I have 1lb Cascade (vacuum sealed), 2.5 centennial (old),1.8lb citra(vacuum) plenty of nugget to bitter

Citra in a Pale Ale is great…
Those of you in the Mitten state are familiar with this gem most likely

I have a Work From Home IPA going.
Cashmere, Dr. Rudi and Sorachi Ace hops.

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Looks pretty good!

The aftermath. I’m not going to clean up just going to keep brewing until this quarantine ends or I run out of materials. Have plenty of empty kegs


I appreciate your dedication… I just laid myself off… I see rain/snow middle of next week… I’ll brew…

Watcha gonna brew

Actually I think it’s wutchaguna

mm mm beer… I didn’t do my Miabock with rye…
This year… I’ll not boil the wort… Last year, it scorched the element IN the kettle… I suppose if it indirectly heated it won’t scorch? I did find out however… Rye sugar has a lower Malliard reaction than most other sugars… I think it should register 7%. My lager yeast is built up real nice now…

Next version boiling this one is all mostly Munich touch of wheat and C60. Chinnok, melon citra. German Ale yeast

Isolation Pale Ale 3.0 going down today. Pilsner, Munich, wheat. Last of the Chinook aroma I still have a ton of citra. I have the harvested us 05 from 1.0. I’ll not use the German Ale yeast anymore to slow for an IPA.

Okay update to myself. I used some pilsner and Munich for 4.0 this one gets no citra only Cascade 3:1 sulfate/chloride next one is a SOS kinda had to use pilsner instead of 2-row and had to substitute nugget for boil charge this will be 3:1 chloride/sulfate.

I’m down to Vienna, Munich and wheat. Nugget hops Cascade hops and some flaked corn and oats. Also 3/4 carapils some specialB and dark roasted malts. I’m going to have to thin on this. There’s a beer there

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When I’m done with grains I’ll make a run. This exercise will teach me what I need to keep in stock for the next lockdown. It looks like I’m going to make it as restrictions will slowly be lifted in mid May here. I have enough to do maybe one brew a week until then. Actually my brew store is open for curbside I just only go out for food every other week.

Kentucky common? That’s my spoof I call Pine-yucky common… I’ll brew that for AHA national brewday… Provided my flaked maize shows up…

Oh yes that’s next week I believe. I’ll brew the SOS on that day

It’s Saturday isn’t it?

So no 60 min bittering hops in the isolation PA?

edit: Actually Saturday is the “Big Brew Day”. I guess in honor of the quarantine? May 7 is National Homebrew Day.