IPA Isolation Pale Ale

I didn’t get in a Mexican lager this year for Cinco de Mayo but I do have a Vienna Lager I’ll just eat some corn chips as I drink it.


No first charge is at 20 min on 3.0 I think it was 45 on 1.0. the isolation PA 1.0 is was pretty good almost gone.

I haven’t brewed anything!!! :weary: My fault… Yeast is about all gone… Busy with getting my remodel going… Then, if that wasn’t enough… Wife stumbled over stuff in the garage… Right hand broken, left badly bruised… :cry: Well, I’ll brew Saturday no matter… Even easy cider… I call it apple joose… Empty…
I hope you guys don’t kick me out for being aloof right now… I’ll make up for it… I promise…

Geez I hope she’ll be alright. Hope she didn’t trip over your stuff. Yeah last year I did our kitchen and didn’t get to many batches in. I find weighing out grains into 5 gallon buckets so they are ready to crush at a minuets notice is helpful. Pitching slurry makes it easy as well.


Look at this Isolation Black Ale. Never made one not sure how else to get the color with the materials I have

Dr said she’ll heal… That’s the good news…

That’s good I’m sure you’re upset. My wife broke the tip of her finger in the log splitter this fall. I was more upset than her. Healed beautifully. She’s back at it.

@sneezles61 and @brew_cat those are terrible things to hear, especially during this time. Going into the hospital is like walking into the lions den.
I like that your emptying out the cupboard!

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I know some people who started a complete remodeling their kitchen right when things got crazy. They have been living their entire isolation without even a kitchen sink let alone any appliances. They have been surviving on take out but they don’t have a fridge to put leftovers in. :confounded::mask:

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Yea see, no matter how bad things are someone else could have it worse. That would suck.

A month or so ago I heard a news anchor talking about how the coronavirus would play out in the homeless population. Haven’t really heard anyone else discuss that since…

“Things are never so bad they couldn’t be made worse” H. Bogart in African Queen

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Ok an update. My quarantine series is done. I did 4 versions of my Isolation Pale Ale. Kind of a toss up. I gave some samples away and some liked 2.0 the best some liked 3.0. I personally liked 1.0 and 4.0 so I’m still not sure which one will go into rotation probably combine a couple. I have the Bock to Normal on tap now a Maibock that justs keeps getting better as bock’s tend to do with lagering. The S.O.S. is carbonating now so haven’t tasted it yet.