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Intense rauchbier using Best Malz rauch malt, advice please

I’ve made two smoked beers in the past using Weyermann and while they were very good, the smokiness just wasn’t there for me. So this time I had easy access to Best Malz, and I used it thinking it would be somewhat similar to Weyermann. I was wrong.

I transferred it to secondary last night after 22 days in primary. I drank the sample I pulled off for a gravity check, and the aroma made my eyes water! It literally tastes like campfire; too intense for me, and I love me some Schlenkerla. I do not remember this kind of intensity at this part of the process last time.

So, opinions? Is this anyone else’s experience with this malt? How long would you guess it should remain in secondary, and at what temperature? I’m planning on kegging, but wouldn’t be opposed to bottling.

OG 1.052
FG 1.015
25 IBUs
77% rauchmalt
1 packet us05 + 1 packet us04 pitched at 67*F (I forgot to make the damn starter for the vial of WLP029!)

Fermented 65 - 67F for the first week, 67 - 69F for the next two weeks, currently in secondary at 68 - 70*F.

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I made a smoked beer once that came out the same way. I made another batch of the base beer without the smoked malt and blended them.

Research your malts, is all I can say. Fortunately for me, I don’t much care for rauchbiers.

+1 to the dilution as the solution. Titrate it with a normal beer and you’ll know your blend rate, plus that’ll give you the correct adjustment for your recipe.

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