Inline Plastic Ball Valve

So I’m looking at building a mash tun out of a 10 gallon cooler. Like one of my previous posts mentions, I’ve been doing 5 gallon batches the BIAB way. I’m looking at building it the “cheap and easy way” but I’m having a hard time finding a 3/8" inline plastic ball valve. I can find all the other parts at NB or at Midwest Supplies, but they don’t carry the valve and neither do the big box stores. I found one at Homebrew Heaven based out of Everett, Washington, but now my cheap and easy mash tun isn’t so cheap and easy because they have a $15 minimum purchase not including the shipping. I might just buy the stainless steel ball valve kit like I was originally going to do, but I was intrigued at the thought of doing it the more economical way. Any suggestions??

I would go ahead and buy the plastic valve, along with a few ingredients you’re going to use eventually anyway. My steel ball valve on my mash tun radiates a lot of heat that would be more useful inside the tun; the plastic valve doesn’t conduct heat nearly as well. Of course, you could wrap the stainless valve to insulate it while you’re mashing, but it’s just one more thing in a busy schedule. Not to mention the cost of stainless…

Having tried both on several mash tuns, I prefer the nylon valve to a SS ball valve. I found I can get much better control.


is the one I got from the store as this is my LHBS. It works great, I estimated the shipping to me at $10.15 though so the freight isn’t cheap but they don’t have any order minimums. Hope it helps.


Thanks guys. I’m going to pull the trigger on the inline valve. I’ll check out the other site. Homebrew Heaven has the $15 minimum and $15.34 shipping. Thought about getting a new fermentation bucket which would put my total with shipping at $33.14. Thanks for the suggestions!

I got mine at high gravity for 1.99 plus shipping…no muss no fuss no worry… :cheers: Tank