Im moving

Both Budweiser and Bud Light are on the list.
Im moving to Nebraska

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Gee whizzzz, Badweiser is very popular… I very seldom see anyone drink it up here…
I like North Dakota’s brew…
Next time Tex comes from Austin Tx to visit, I’m gonna ask him the bring up some fresh Lone Star.

Do admit that Budweiser is more popular than bud light…. Rarely see anyone drinking it around here, or Heineken for that matter (Ohio’s most popular beer?)

Yeah something is not right with that pole

Black Betty Russian Imperial Stout I got to find that. I love the name though

IF that is what Nebraska is drinking, I wouldn’t want to be driving around their about happy hour… slam down a couple pints, and get crossed eyed…

Florida: Stella? Calling BS on that based on the two spaces in the grocery cooler and half an aisle of Bud Light.


Ah the roads are pretty straight there

I can see Bud light. Many joints around here may have 6 taps of craft beer and still have a Bud Lite tap hidden somewhere. Plenty eople drink it got to be inclusive. Another side note last month AB posted their highest quarter profit. Apparently people boycotting BL turned to their more profitable stuff. Bud Lite is their loss leader. Tell me these guys don’t do their homework.

When in town mingling, Busch light is my choice….
I think the rhetoric is from the loud mouths who have to “share” their displeasure about anything…

I know… people make me laugh when they boycott any product and don’t do their homework and buy a product owned by the same corporation. ‘I’m switching to Busch Light…’

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Probably end up with a net gain🤣

Agreed. No way that is correct. It would have to be Bud Light or Miller Lite. Everything else a distant third.

In fairness, I think the article is basically fluff Clickbait….it got us going, right?

Somewhere, I hear RamJam playing!

Now I can’t get that tune out of my head

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Not a fan of that song… just filler stuff…

Really? Oh well music is subjective for sure. Context I guess. It was the bomb at our local summer swimming hole in 1978! A true one hit wonder band.