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If I had to drink a crappy commercial beer it would be

I legitimately like Negra Modelo. Especial ain’t too bad, either. I consider those to be at least a tier above BMC, Corona, etc., more or less on par with Yeungling (although I like Modelo better), so above “crappy commercial beer”. I like Stella, too. I feel Stella is to Heineken what Yeungling is to BMC.

I can’t stand Blue Moon…I’m not sure why. It’s like it’s faking it somehow…which probably doesn’t really make sense.

When I head out camping and just looking for a beer that I can sit around and drink 20 of throughout the day/night throw in the back of the truck, canoe, whatever, I generally go with Milwaukee’s Best Light. Drank a ton of it in college and it just kind of stuck. Grainbelt Premium and busch light are also a couple I don’t mind drinking.

PBR used to be my go to “garage beer” but since Ive been brewing, I can’t touch the stuff. I guess if a gun were put to my head it would still be PBR.

I’m a premium man myself. Can’t help it, its that good. That’s Grainbelt premium btw

I would leave as I obviously took a wrong turn at Albuquerqee(sic) :o

Corona light… Cinco de mayo!!! :slight_smile:

Stella if I can get it. At least it’s all malt.

+1 Grainbelt Premium.

If the question is if I had to drink something not homebrewed and somewhat cheap, my answer would definitely be Natty Light or Busch Light!Draft ha… in the can of course. I drank a lot of that crap in HS and what little bit of college I have under my belt…

Otherwise I’m a Rum and Coke/Pepsi man.

gotta go with miller lite, thats what i always opt for when i tailgate at football or baseball games. pay good money for the tickets want to at least be able to see the action

Old Milwaukee

Kokanee from Canada. It’s “Glacier Fresh.”

I used to drink Miller High Life if I was on the river, but that was before so many great craft beers became available in cans.

PBR for me, otherwise, captain & cokes.

That’s a good point. I think for my memorial day trip to the UP, I am going to get some quality cans (along with my hope-it’s-ready homebrew) and keep the macros as backup.

Yeungling and regular coor’s are still go to if on a budget and low on home brew’s. Still working on my stockpile of home brew’s so I wont have to buy beer anymore unless it is some new or seasonal craft

I don’t have a need to drink liquor for the sake of drinking liquor. If there is no beer, wine, or liquor I like or am interested in trying, I’ll just have a coke/ice tea/water/etc…

All I need to do is find a beverage I like. Any alcohol therein is a bonus. :lol:

Hey guys beer is like sex, even when its bad its still pretty good. Except corona

I used to skate around with my buddies and play hey mister outside of liquor stores to get people to buy us 40’s of Old English. So Id drink that for nostalgias sake

[quote=“rhino3hh”]Hey guys beer is like sex, even when its bad its still pretty good. Except corona[/quote]Perhaps our definitions of bad sex are a bit different because I would definitely trade a Corona for at least a couple of memories. :wink:

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