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How to convert mash to extract

I found a recipe for a NEIPA using mash? but I’ve only ever used extract. I’ve also only ever used the northern brewer kits. What exactly would I need to be able to recreate this for a 1 gallon batch using extract (I wanna test it before making 5 gallon)?

55% 2 Row
25% White Wheat
20% Maris Otter

Recipe also said this: Extract Conversion:
Would recommend using the lightest base extract and then partial mash with White Wheat and Maris Otter, maybe?"

Sent a text to northern brewer and they suggested this:

“going 1/3 gold extract, 1/3 wheat, and 1/3 maris otter would get you pretty close to what you are looking for.”

HELP LOL. What/how many grains do I get? Which and how much extract do I get?

What’s your target OG?

I would like the abv to be somewhere between 6ish and 7ish. The lowest I have been able to get my final gravity is like 1.020…so I’m thinking 1.070 ish

Also, here a pic of the beer. Looks very juicy and hazy and delicious lol…I’m looking to get similar color

So the original advice is pretty good. Use the lightest extract you can get. I’ll help you out with the amount in the morning, doesn’t calculate well on my phone. Unless someone else here can easily do the calcs. Pilsner extract would give you the lightest color.

But for a NEIPA, the actual malt isn’t as important as the mouthfeel. Believe it or not, some breweries add some all-purpose flour to the boil to get that haziness. But the pure starch does give it that “creamy” mouthfeel. A good alternative would be to steep some flaked oats, like a quarter pound, in your water as it heats up. Some here might disagree, but it’ll help give the right mouthfeel.

More importantly, what are your hop additions?

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Thank you! The recipe says to use any of the fruity hops ( citra, mosaic, el dorado, galaxy, Amarillo, Nelson or Vic secret). Says to mix and match but never use more than 3. Says to do 3 oz in the whirl pool (not sure what wirlpool is) and 5 oz dry hopped. Those numbers are for a 4 gallon batch so I would reduce the oz for my test 1 gallon batch.

Also what kind of yeast would u recommend. Person who’s recipe it is says w1318…thanks again

Wyeast 1318, absolutely. And NOT a quarter pound of flakes oats for 1 gallon; that would be for a 5 gallon batch. Maybe an ounce for a 1 gallon batch. You just want to get some dextrins and unconverted starches in the wort. Not ideal, but the best way to do it with just extract.

Would they go in with the wheat and Maris otter?

Yes, need to ponder… I’m thinking an intermediate style… Partial mash with LME… 1 gallon, really really narrows it down… I’ll do some looking. Sneezles61
So you should read John Palmers book… How To Brew… There he can show you HOW to figure out your starting gravity… LME has lets say 1.036 PPG… So 2 pounds is 1.072… Now you need some unfermetable protein to achieve that NEIPA… Perhaps a 3 oz oats and 2 oz wheat will help… Boil your 1 gallon of water for 15 minutes, then add your pilsner LME, and bittering hops, let it come to boil, then add the oats and wheat in a brew bag, take off the heat, cover and let it stand for an hour. Remove the bag cool as quick as possible… Pitch yeast at 65*, I won’t go into a hop schedule as there as many theory’s as hops…

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Wheat and oats, absolutely. Especially if you’re doing a mash. Maris otter, only if you have a ton of it and need to use it up. Won’t taste it in a beer like this.

Whirlpool hops means waiting until after your boil is done, and then adding the hops and letting them steep for 20 minutes or so. Ideally you would stir it or use a pump to make a whirlpool in the wort for the 20 minutes. To get the most out of your hops, you’d add some as soon as you cut the heat, let them steep for 20 minutes or so, cooled the wort to 180°F, and added a bunch more for another 20 minutes.


Great! Again thanks for all your help. Now I just need to figure out amounts and I can try to put this together!!

Definitely don’t want to hijack the thread but to add a little more mud to the water, here’s a discussion over a NEIPA recipe of ours: Neipa? and here’s where it finally lead us:


@Jholmes0581 thanks for starting this thread! This discussion and @porkchop 's suggestions for you have given me some ideas to tweak our recipe a bit. Good luck and happy brewing! :beers: Please let us know where you end up and how your brew comes out?


I’ve been using Flaked Oats at a rate of 17-20% of my grain bill. 1# in my 2.5 gallon batch Sunday. I also used 3oz hops in whirlpool and gonna dryhop with 3 oz as well. Agree with @porkchop and don’t waste the Marris Otter in this beer.

Stupid question. When you say at A rate of 17-20% of your grain bill what does that actually mean? Does it mean 17-20% of the grains in your mash bag are flake oats? Sorry I’ve never made a beer without one of the northern brewer beers kits.

Exactly. My last batch was 4# Golden Promise and 1# Flaked oats so 20% Flaked Oats.

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