How often does eveyone brew?

Just curious cause it seems alot of people here always have something new either on tap or on deck.

Are you guys brewing weekly? Monthly? more that once a week?

I started brewing mainly because it looked fun and as an added bonus, cheaper in the long run. I am finding that my inventory is dwindling faster than my next batch is ready.

Probably about once a month. Maybe a little more

About every 2-3 weeks.

2~5 batches per month usually.

Since I started brewing again in December I’ve put together 5 batches… so 2-3 times a month.

2-4 batches per month

2-4 times a month. Sometimes more if I have a high demand time coming up and won’t be able to brew for a while. I try and keep 8 beers on tap.

I’m in the 2-4 batches a month category. I brew 2.5 or 4 gallon batches also, so I’m brewing less quantity. But January, I brewed 5 times, so that’s a record for me.

When I’m in the swing of things, 2 - 4 batches per month. Sometimes I’ll brew 4 weeks in a row to build up a supply.

It goes in waves depending on what life has in store. I like to try and get 1-2 brews in a month. Sometimes I can squeeze in a 3rd, but usually its the other way and a month goes by where I can’t find a day to brew. 1 to 2x a month keeps me happy and supplied with beer.

It depends for me, May through September I might brew 3 or 4 batches, I’m golfing and camping on the weekends. In October I start ramping up and by the end of November I’m brewing 3 to 4 times a month until about mid March.

:shock: jealous

I’ve always wished I could brew about twice a month. Occasionally it happens. But I think the overall average for me is one batch about every 2 months. I am going to try to brew every 5 or 6 weeks all year this year.

2 to 4 batches per month, but I have brewed a batch a week for about the last 8 weeks. Partly because I am getting busier at work and I expect I will need to take a break and partly because I am going to Europe for a couple weeks in March and I know I will not be able to brew. But it just occurred to me that I won’t be able to consume either, so stock piling will not be necessary.

I generally keep 6-8 on tap.

I do need to do a couple lagers soon, including an Octoberfest for a true Octoberfest party in my community this year. My first real commission (they are paying for ingredients) so I thought I would brew in March to allow maximum lagering time to be as authentic as possible. Planning to brew 5 gallons of Octoberfest and 5 gallons of a Helles?

I shoot for twice a month, but with my wacky work schedule I take what I can get.

Once a month is a treat but it’s not a consistent treat :expressionless:

1-2 times a month typically

I tend to do about 1-2 a month during the winter months, about 1 a month during the spring, 1-2 during the summer.

2-3 a month. Not much in the fall due to hunting season.

I try to brew 2-3 times a month. But with that schedule I tend to run out of bottles and kegs. So sometimes I have to take a short break to let the supply level out a bit.