How much grist can i fit into my mash tun?

I have a 15 gallon mega pot and I am wondering how much grist I could put in there or if anyone has experience with really loading one up.
I am thinking my grain bill will be about 35 pounds and my mash volume will be calculated at 1.5 quarts per pound or approx 13 gallons.
Is this too much? Should i do two separate mashes and sparge separately into one boil kettle?

Google “Green Bay Rackers”, go to their calculator page and use the “can I mash it?” calculator. Works great and their other calculators are excellent as well.

Thats going to be about 16gal ofmvolume, so you’ll need to split it.

Or click on this link

At 1.5 qts/lb, your limit would be closer to 28 lbs. If you want 35 lbs of grain you will need to back off to about 1-1.1 qts/lb.

I have a 60 qt cooler that holds 44# at 1:1 ratio so I think that would be your limit.

OOOOK. So I just went to this site( ).

Considering that for a 5 (the wort volumn added not the container) gallon fermentor (the size most of us have) that you are rarely going to exceed 15 or mayyyybe 20 lbs o’ malt. The liquid volumn calculated for 15 lbs is 5.89 (23.6 quarts) gallons and for 20 lbs is still only 7.85 gallons (31.4 Quarts).

It seems that somewhere in the 40-50 quart range (10 -12.25 gal) is the ideal happy medium. seems closer to 40 if you can find it is better for heat retention. I started looking for coolers at the wrong time of year. Apparently Walstink thinks they are seasonal.